Econet Wireless Burundi

    281 AV, Boulevard de l'uprona

    BP: 431 , Bujumbura Burundi


    (+257) 22 24 31 31




    Lun- Vend: 8hr - 18hr

    Sam: 11hr - 16hr

    Dim: 10hr - 14hr

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Any organization (profit making/non-profit making) that receives payments for goods or services offered through the EcoCash platform is a merchant. A merchant usually

How Do I Become a Merchant? Interested parties can download a Merchant application form or visit the nearest Econet shop. Once the form is complete and all requirements ready, contact the EcoCash department for vetting and signing of contract so as to become an EcoCash Merchant. For more information on ‘How to become a Merchant’ email: ecocash @ econet . bi or contact the customer help line on 100

Benefits of EcoCash Merchants to Customers Increased convenience Increased security – customers’ funds are safe and secure in the EcoCash wallets It eliminates the challenges of getting change Dial*444# choose option 5 Benefits of being an EcoCash Merchant Boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment. It can increase the dealer’s customer base Increased security Allows the dealer to capitalize on all available payment methods Avoids the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash There are no service charges Ability to exchange value with other EcoCash merchants

Deux tableaux un avec Tariffs et un autre avec les Locations How does a Merchant withdraw their money from their Merchant wallet? a) The merchant can approach any EcoCash Agent to cash out from their e – wallets b) Corporates can issue an instruction to Econet to make a bank transfer to their main bank account

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